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Learning to Lead

Just like life, learning patterns rise and fall throughout it.  You start a new job and have to learn quickly, or you've  used a particular computer program so much that you could do it with your eyes closed.  Whatever your learning stage, Cycles In-Tuition is dedicated to helping you master new skills and knowledge, for while we might  not want to be a public leader, we do all have to lead our own lives successfully.  At Cylces In-tuition we support you and even guide you through this process and overcome any learning challenges.
Benefits Through:

Fully qualified, experienced teachers meaning you can trust that they know what markers generally look for.
Confidence that all tutors hold current Working With Children safety status.

Expert assistance in a range of high-school subjects, adult education areas and general academic programs.
Greater skills and knowledge leading to improved performance and enthusiasm.
A flexible, reliable and professional service.
Specialist programs such as English for Speakers of other Languages (ESL).
Peace of mind that Cycles In-Tuition tutors are members of the Australian Tutoring Association and abide by their professional code of conduct.
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Adult Learning

Your Never To Old To Learn

Quiet Confidence
At Cycles In-Tuition we believe that for any individual to learn effectively, s/he has to be receptive to information.  There are many challanges to this readiness.  Environmental distractions like a rowdy classroom can decrease any individual's ability to absorb new information, as can emotional concerns or physical learning difficulties.  Techniques to allow us to absorb new knowledge is the foundation of all our tutoring services.  
Whether you elect to benefit from one-off tutoring sessions, or want to see greater lasting benefits through a sustained program of tutoring sessions, Cycles In-Tuition is there to help reduce these distractions, identify learning challenges and overcome obstacles that may impede performance and academic results.  Consequently Cycles in-tuition is all about making the individual a more effective leader in his/her own life.  With this focus, services are individualised, convenient in time and location and are cost effective for those wanting small-group learning. 

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Literacy and Numeracy

These areas are commonly referred to English and Mathematics, but at Cycles In -Tuition these skills go way beyond these two subjects.  If you need support to solve problems in any subject area (including adult education areas!) then we can identify the literacy or numeracy skills you require, help you master those skills and ultimately solve any such content problems.

English as a Second Language

Our ESL program meets the learner right where they are, whether they be at a beginner level, an intermediate or an advanced level.  We start by looking at any text and linking it to what the learner already knows about it.  From there we discuss the particular sort of text it is, the kind of vocabulary it uses and what kinds of situations are associated with it.

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Specialist Programs

While the details of these program outlines are currently being developed, it is expected that initial specialist programs will include - a transition to high school program focusing upon the styles of report-writing expected at high schools, a HSC preparatory program identifying the particular skills and content explored through the final two years of high school, as well as  learning difficulties programs.
The contact us form available upon this website is your invitation to make suggestions for any specific area of learning need you or your son/daughter may have.